For many DC fans, the release of this film is an event in itself. Ever since Snyder’s falling out with WB in 2017 following the personal loss of his daughter, Autumn, and Whedon’s watered-down version of the League, careless whispers flooded the branches of the Internet. …

The Pen-Pal app with a limited set of avatars, no ads or complicated small talk question-answer forms is encouraging users to interact with people in a meaningful way.

We are living in a digital age, surrounded by emails, social media and a ton of different instant messaging apps. We are being judged by preconceived notions that our profile presents to the world and the judgement starts at our face.

Slowly is breaking all the barriers of judgement with…

After Dunkirk and 1917, the era of realistic war films continues.

This is a movie about the procedure of command. The movie doesn’t rely on rule-breaking and larger than life characters who do the impossible and push the limits.

Naval warfare, especially the sort of highly asymmetric warfare shown during World War II here, doesn’t really revolve around the captain demanding…

The Robbie Amell and Andy Allo starrer Amazon Original series take a different approach to the future and afterlife in a fun and philosophical way.

On May 1st, Amazon released a futuristic series without much buzz around it. The show stars couple of new non-mainstream faces Robbie Amell (Brother of Arrow Star Stephen Amell) and Cameroonian singer/actress Andy Allo.

Upload follows Nathan’s afterlife in 2033 where a person’s soul could be uploaded to a virtual…

Anurag Nair

Your regular above average guy, Pop-culture nerd with a high addiction of Waffles and Smoothies. Content Writer and Catalogue strategist.

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